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Our vision is to design and build the future, to create competition and make the US the leader in technology and manufacturing.

With research, design, production, and assembly services. Hollenbeck Industries (OTM) now has ISO 9001, HUB zone certified, and ITAR.


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Willing to take on the most challenging projects.

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At Hollenbeck Industries we pride ourselves on being effective and efficient with both our partners and customers.

Made in USA

Everything produced at Hollenbeck Industries is made in the USA. Hollenbeck Industries strives to use as many USA products as we can in our processes to assure that we stand by the made in the USA label

Quality parts

Our quality department is uncompromising and works tirelessly in ensuring all corporate policies, procedures and business practices are followed. Quality procedures are established through the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D methodologies.

Client relationship

Unlike other prototyping and production websites, if you are a repeat customer with repeat parts your parts will be given to the same shop/ person that did them before to ensure constancy in part manufacturing. Our digital warehouse stores all revision, parts, and projects for rapid reordering and less hassle on the customer end.


With the Hollenbeck industries part tracker, you can always see who is assigned to your project , when it was started, the progress and when it is completed, what type of machine is being used to produce your part, what tooling is being utilized, and coolant being used to create your part.

Hollenbeck Industries at a glance

Making the US a leader in technology and manufacturing

Reverse Engineering

From old prints to parts and products with no print or CAD model Hollenbeck Industries have the tools and experience to supply accurate and quality models and prints.


With more than 30 years of CNC manufacturing experience and a full house of CNC mills and lathes, we are more than capable of meeting any manufacturing needs.

New Product Design

From completely new concepts and rough sketches, Hollenbeck Industries experienced staff of engineers are ready and willing to take on the most challenging projects.


Hollenbeck Industries has the equipment and capabilities to produce and test prototypes to there full limits.

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