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Our vision is to design and build the future, to create competition and make the US the leader in technology and manufacturing.

Our Products & Services

Engineer – Fabricate – Machine – Integrate


Feed Systems for bolts, screws, dowel pins, ball bearings, nuts pins, electrical componets, and much more.

Automation Cells

Automated assembly cells for production lines or high volume assembly systems. 

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing for CNC machined compoents, assembled systems, and much more. 

Custom Projects

Bring your ideas, and we can design and build an assembly system or design a product from scratch. 

HI Defense

Defense manufacturing, munitions componets, weaopons manufacturing, and more.

Our Capabilities

We're willing to take on the most
challenging projects from start to finish.

Why Choose Hollenbeck

Providing solutions for complex problems

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At Hollenbeck Industries we pride ourselves on being effective and efficient with both our partners and customers.

Made In USA

Everything produced at Hollenbeck Industries
is made in the USA.

Quality Parts

Our quality department is uncomprimising and works tirelessly in ensuring all corporate policies, procedures and businesse practices are followed.

Client Relationship

If you are a repeat customer with repeat parts, they will be given to the same shop/person that did them before to ensure consistancy in part manufacturing.


With the Hollenbeck Industries part tracker, you can see everything from who worked on your part, to which machine they used and when they used it.

At a Glance

Making the US a leader in
technology and manufacturing

Reverse Engineering

From old prints to parts and products with no print or CAD model Hollenbeck Industries have the tools and experience to supply accurate and quality models and prints.

New Product Design

From completely new concepts and rough sketches, Hollenbeck Industries experienced staff of engineers are ready and willing to take on the most challenging projects.


With more than 30 years of CNC manufacturing experience and a full house of CNC mills and lathes, we are more than capable of meeting any manufacturing needs.


Hollenbeck Industries has the equipment and capabilities to produce and test prototypes to their full limits.

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