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Striving for new industry breakthroughs

Over 40 Years of Experience

Hollenbeck Industries, founded in 2019, might be new, but we have over 40 years of experience on our staff. Our parent company opened in 2012, and over those years, we have evolved. As a family firm, we live out our motto—continuous innovation.

From our beginnings as On The Mark (OTM) in 2012, located in a small office building, we grew to a 30,000 square foot facility. But we have expanded in other more significant ways as well. With an initial focus on munitions manufacturing as a defense contracting company, we are expanding our capabilities into other sectors.

As we expanded our machining capabilities and capacity, we also extended into engineering and design with the goal of becoming a leader in creating the future in technology and manufacturing. Hollenbeck Industries offers a full array of services from research and design to production and assembly.

Our Values

As we have grown, we have never lost sight of the values that are important to us: precision, reliability, service, efficiency and value. Hollenbeck Industries remains dedicated to delivering quality parts, manufactured to your specs, quickly and affordably. We value customer relationships, so we cultivate accountability—transparency and traceability—in all of our transactions.

Above all, we take pride in being able to say, “Made in USA.”

Our Story

From our humble beginnings to modern-day

2012 - 2014

On The Mark, Inc. formed with the goal of making ammunition. Working out of a small office building we quickly outgrew. On The Mark, Inc purchases 30,000 sq foot facility to make room for munitions manufacturing equipment.


On The Mark, Inc purchases 30,000 sq foot facility to make room for munitions manufacturing equipment.

2017 - 2018

OTM starts taking outside engineering and design projects. Continued to build our machining capabilities and expanding our capacity.


Hollenbeck Industries is formed in a DBA format under OTM, with the goal of being a defense contracting company for US and foreign allies. With research, design, production, and assembly services. Hollenbeck Industries (OTM) now has ISO 9001, HUB zone certified, and ITAR.


Hollenbeck Industries releases new website with the goal of speeding up on demand production, engineering, prototyping and to make the USA the leader in manufacturing and technology again.

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