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Our Capabilities

Hollenbeck Industries believes excellence is achieved
by combining skilled professionals with the latest technology.

CNC Machining

Whether milling or turning, CNC machining is the workhorse of our industry. For precision, rapid turnaround and scalability, CNC offers it all.  Our maching methods include CNC milling and turning.  Learn more.

3D Printing

Advances in 3D printing have taken our capability from rapidly producing a single prototype to manufacturing as many components as you need. 3D printing has gone from future concept to today’s reality. We’re equipped to create components in both plastic and metal.  Learn more.

Sheet Metal

The need to fabricate sheet metal hasn’t changed over the decades, but our methods have. We have your needs covered, whether the method is tried-and-true or on the cutting edge of technology.  Learn more.


A product is only as good as the engineering behind it. Our engineers are ready to assist with new product design and prototyping as well as reverse engineering. We’ll take new concepts and rough sketches to polished product. We’ll produce and test prototypes. We’ll even accurately recreate components from old prints or parts.  Learn more.


Rely on Hollenbeck Industries to put it all together for you. We can engineer, design, manufacture and assemble all the components we produce for you.  Learn more.

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