CNC Machining

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Our CNC Milling & Turning Services

Providing solutions for complex problems

2 Axis Milling

2D profiles, 2D holes, Threaded holes, Plates, Square blocks, etc..

3 Axis Milling

3D profiles, 3D surfaces, Injection Molds, complex geometries that can be machined from single set up, etc.

4 Axis Milling

Typically round shapes with milling on outside, cam profiles, spiral grooves, threaded holes and other features on outside of cylindrical parts, etc.

5 Axis Milling

Complex multi axis geometry, Impellers, Props, Angled holes, Single Operation multi sided milling, etc.

2 Axis Turning

2D profiles, 2D holes, Threaded holes, Rods, Shafts, Collars, bushings, screws, etc…

3 Axis Mill Turn

Similar to 4th axis milling, round or hex parts with milling or turning, these machines combine the strengths of a lathe with milling capabilities, etc.

10 Axis Swiss Lathe

Swiss lathes are built for high production of complex geometries, ranging from 1mm to 38mm and bigger, things like firearms parts, air fittings, aerospace and automotive parts, etc.

CNC Machining Services

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What Is CNC Milling?

CNC milling in its simplest form is a type of machining that produces parts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Parts are clamped in a vise or fixtured to the machine table, spinning tools like drills, end mills, taps and more are guided by the machines controller to create simple and complex geometries.

What Is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is a form of machining that specializes in the production process of round parts. Parts are typically held in chucks or collets, the part/material spins and the machine pushes a stationary tool into the material. Using carbide and highspeed steel cutting tools the machine will remove the metal to produce the desired geometry.


Manufacturing literally means to make by hand. These days our hands control computers that aid in the manufacturing process. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, whether milling or turning, uses CAD files to flawlessly produce identical parts in the manufacturing process.

Whether its metal, plastic, or composites we have the tools and expertise to manufacture parts for any industry in any material.

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