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Automated Feed Systems

Feed any part at rates up to 500 parts per minute. Bolts, screws, dowel pins, bearings, ball bearings, battery components, electronics components, and much more. 

Direct replacement for expensive and over complicated vibratory or robotic feed systems. 


Labor Shortages

Low ROI on automating repetitive feeding jobs. Reduce operator work load and extend your work forces capabilites.

Modular Design

Change from a dowel pin feeder to a nut feeder in under 10 minutes. All tooling is CNC machined and is interchangeable. 

Proven Track Record

Hundreds of systems delivered around the world over 10 years.

Mission & Vision

Changing the Future of Parts Feeding for the Better

This is a cost effective, simple solution to your production needs. 


Easy plug and play into existing automation systems. Easy install into new systems or custom designed solutions as well. 

Low Operation Costs

Systems operate independent of operators, the only thing that required is for parts to be placed in the feed bowl. Single 24V or 110v supply voltages for low power consumption. 

Short Lead Times

With the simplicity and repeatability of the systems we are able to reduce traditional lead times and turn you projects around quicker allowing for shorter ROI.  


An Industry Leader In Automated Feed Systesm

Standard Products

Types Of Feed Systems







R & D

Custom Projects

Custom desinged solutions for your automation projects. Reduce cost on part orientation and feeding. 

Design & Testing


Testing & Validation

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