Frequently Asked Questions

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Q | How long are your quotes valid?

A |
14 Days

Q | What are your payment terms?

A |
1st Order Credit Card Payment or ACH Payment. Can apply for net 15, 30- or 45-day payment terms

Q | What type of engineering support can you provide?

Q | If you assist with the design, do we still own the design?

A |
Any Designs we do are the property of Hollenbeck Industries until paid in full by you

Q | What types of quality programs are followed?

A |
ISO 9001 and AS9100

Q | Do I need drawings?

A |
No, but creating these will add expense.

Q | What is the typical process when developing a new part?

A |
First we start with a kickoff meeting to get to know you and to ask educated questions to better understand what it is you are trying to accomplish

Q | If we provide a concept can you provide a finished product?

A |
Yes, this is our specialty

Q | Do you charge for engineering changes?

A |
All Engineering projects are priced up front using our pricing model

Q | Do you prefer to act as a general contractor or as a subcontractor?

A |

Q | Will you assemble a complete product?

A |
Yes, Quotes for this can be provided and it will be upfront pricing using our advanced models

Q | What types of welding services do you offer?

A |
Mig and Tig

Q | Do you offer certified welding services?

A |

Q | What materials do you weld?

A |
Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Q | What type of CAD files can you accept and work with?

Q | How can I get a quote for your welding services?

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