Industries We’re Proud to Support

From agriculture and education to defense and aerospace, Hollenbeck Industries provides support for a variety of industries.


Hollenbeck Industries has the right stuff, from producing prototypes to scaling up manufacturing capacity of parts for the aerospace industry. We offer secure uploading and fast turnaround on your orders. You can trust that your components will meet the most exacting tolerances to comply with all requirements.


Michigan has a long history with the automotive industry, and Hollenbeck Industries want to be part of the future of transportation. We can supply the automotive industry with custom parts for experimental vehicles, parts for production vehicles, or replacement parts for vintage vehicles.


Our first focus as a company was producing munitions, and defense is still a major portion of our business. Defense is a critical industry, and it’s our honor to play our part in providing the military with essential components to keep our country safe.


Whether it’s oil and gas, wind or solar, the energy sector needs custom parts to keep the lights on. You can rely on Hollenbeck to keep your supply chain flowing. We can also assist in developing prototypes for innovations in energy production.

Industrial Automation


Automation is the definition of moving parts. Our quick turnaround will help minimize breakdowns in the supply chain or the production line. We offer custom tooling, injection mold tooling, robotics tooling, and CNC machining in a wide variety of materials.


You might be surprised what Hollenbeck can do for educators. Our business is part of the cutting edge of technology and industry. Contact us to find out how Hollenbeck can enhance student learning in the STEM classroom.


Now more than ever, Hollenbeck’s 3D printing capabilities offer solutions in the medical sector. Beyond PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), we can also produce prototypes, medical devices, or clinical models. From machined plastics for prosthetics to screws and pins we have the machinery to get the job done.


Today’s agricultural equipment is sophisticated, complex, and essential to food production. Whether the need is for new or replacement parts, Hollenbeck Industries has the means to produce them. We’ll keep the agricultural supply chain fed so the nation’s farmers can keep us all fed.


Architectural parts, like any industrial part, can be created with CNC machining. From a unique, custom application to the replication of a salvaged architectural part, Hollenbeck Industries can turn your design into a high-quality, finished product.

Heavy Machinery

Whether large or small, Hollenbeck creates parts to your specifications. But even the smallest part can stop heavy equipment from functioning. Rely on us to produce the components you need at the scale you need.

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