About us

Mission Statement:

Providing solutions for complex problems while continuously striving for new scientific break through’s for a brighter future. 


Our vision is to design and build the future, to create competition and make the US the leader in technology and manufacturing. 


Hollenbeck Industries is a family owned and operated business with many skilled individuals, some with more than 35 years of machining and engineering experience. 

Company history


Hollenbeck Industries is formed in a DBA format under OTM,with the goal of being a defense contracting company for US and foreign allies. With research, design, production, and assembly services. Hollenbeck Industries (OTM) now has ISO 9001, HUB zone certified, and ITAR. 

2017 – 2018

OTM takes starts taking outside engineering and design projects. Continued to build our machining capabilities and expanding our capacity. 


On The Mark, Inc. makes the first OTM-200A munitions feeder. This would initiate the shift in OTM's company direction. OTM then starts building its machining and engineering capabilities.


On The Mark, Inc purchases 30,000 sq foot facility to make room for munitions manufacturing equipment.


On The Mark, Inc. if formed to with the goal of making ammunition. Working out of a small office building we quickly out grew.

Company revenue overview

Machine Shop 50%
Engineering 25%
Assembly 25%


  • www.hollenbeckinds.com
  • (989) 317-8033

ATTS make military training equipment for force on force training, Hollenbeck Industries has designed and produced and assembled many projects for them. From Realistic M4's with the patented WASP audio system, to targets and IED simulators. We continue building and designing more products to help train the future warfighter.

Hollenbeck Industries has provided reverse engineering and production services of old and new machinery for the Wildlife Gallery. From a custom blade sharpening machine to a broken one off parts.

CUDD has proven to have the most challenging and complicated parts that Hollenbeck Industries has had the chance to work on, from exotic materials like Toughmet, and Monel K500 they are always pushing the boundaries in directional drilling.