From ideas on bar napkins to functioning products.

Our Engineering Services

The engineering process is old slow and down right expensive. The days of engineering firms submitting endless monthly bills with little to no progress is over. With our advanced pricing model we are able to give you a fair up front price for you project.

Don’t bleed your company dry trying to develop new products with poor communication constantly trying to get updates. With our project completion tracker you can check progress every day and message the engineer that is working on your project, and see the progress first hand.

What Is Engineering?

Engineering means to design and build, there are many different types of engineers from electrical and civil, to mechanical, and chemical. Reverse engineering, new concepts, new revision changes, and prototyping are all forms of engineering.

Every industry in the world has some form of engineered product, that is uses to make life easier, the job of an engineer is to find a new innovative way to build a device, system, or solution to a problem.

Why Choose Us?

From far out concepts that are sketched out on a bar napkins to well developed products that need a face lift Hollenbeck Industries has the resources, skills, software, and experience to get your product or service to market fast.

Whether it’s a mission critical defense product or a consumer product we know speed and accuracy is important to everyone, getting products and good to market quickly is our mission.

New Product

Hollenbeck Industries isn’t limited to manufacturing products that already exist. We’ll take on the challenge of transforming your new concepts and rough sketches all the way to a completed, polished product. Our staff of engineers use their know-how to design and produce something new.


Innovation means new ideas and products. It means uncertainty and questions. Will it work? Hollenbeck Industries can help you answer the unknown. We can produce and test prototypes for your business to get everything exactly right before you go into full production.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes the part you need has become obsolete. But nothing disappears forever at Hollenbeck Industries. When everything old needs to be new again, we can reverse engineer it. Bring us an old part or old prints, and we’ll accurately recreate those components for you

Development and Validation

The engineering process is never set in stone, we can take your idea from sketches on a note pad to a compete proven device or product.

Once your project is designed we can either submit it back to you for you to continue your development process. Or we submit parts to our various quoting engines to start the prototyping phase, this typically starts with 3D printing and some machining. After we subject the devise to form fit and function testing per your requirements the product is sent back to design for any revision changes. From here we can get parts quoted to build the final production model. Final production model will be subjected to final validation testing and approval process.

Once product or device is approved you are ready for production or use, whether its by us or your own vendors. Every step along the way will be quoted up front with fair and honest pricing.

Pricing for production costs or validation cannot be provided until the project engineering is done.

Areas of Expertise

Consumer Products

Consumer products would be things that everyday people buy like lawn mowers, vacuums, computers, tools, etc.

Industrial Machinery

These are things that build or assist in the manufacturing of other goods and services. From assembly line equipment to small scale testing equipment and more.

Robotics & Automation

Whether its designing end effectors for robot arms in the production world or ROV’s, and autonomous robots we are ready to create and automate the world.


From oil and natural gas to renewable tech like wind mills and solar panels. Directional boring tools, traditional drilling and coring tools, battery components and more.

Defense & Weapon Systems

Guns, weapon mounts, defense systems. From consumer firearms to military weapons we are able to design and build to your exact specifications.


Anything from off-road vehicles to classic carts with obsolete parts we have the skills to tackle any project. Production vehicle sub-assembly projects to complete builds.


Landing pads, seat brackets, rocket parts, drones, VTO passenger plane sub assemblies and much more.


Working with doctors, therapists and researchers to develop systems, equipment and devices in order to solve clinical problems.

Software’s & Simulation

From Solidworks to Fusion 360 we have the design power to get you products done right. Stress and strength simulations, material selection simulations, basic motion studies, flow and fluid dynamics, realistic renderings.

Our Capabilities

Willing to take on the most challenging projects.

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